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Baltusrol Golf Club

During the 1933 golf season, Baltusrol’s Board of Governors came to believe that the Club should recruit a well-known PGA Tour player to be its head professional. That October, the Board appointed a three-man committee, led by the Club President, and tasked it with identifying and hiring a new man. The committee worked diligently and considered about 200 applicants before settling on one of the best known golfers in the country.

Johnny Farrell was hired in April of 1934. He had just decided to leave the Tour to become a resident professional, and that decision meshed with Baltusrol’s desire to secure a well-known professional whose first loyalty would be to the Club and its members.  He humbly held this position for 33 years, and was named a life member of the club upon his retirement.

- from Baltusrol Golf Club

Farrell Family at Baltusrol, 1953
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Farrell Family at Baltusrol
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